Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where is SamKeith?


MTV played a big role in my adolescence. When my family left the Philippines for Hawaii, I finally got cable.

In the early 90s I watched a lot of InLivingColor and LiquidTelevision. I was really big on Beavis and Butthead + AeonFlux. I dont remember exactly when MTV Oddities came out, but I remembered the series THE MAXX. Honestly, the dialogue and storylines were a little bit over my head at the time. But the artwork and characters stuck with me. I've recently revisited the series and its "SICK" in every meaning of the word.

From the long panoramic landscapes, to the varying illustration styles, to the delusional dialogue, THE MAXX was way ahead of its time.

But where the F_K is Sam Keith? And where can I get THE MAXX on dvd?!

If you don't know what's up with THE MAXX here's a little taste.

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sNAK wezzer said...

The MAXX was an Image comic. I have like the first 10 issues of that shit. Dope...