Friday, January 23, 2009

The Sharpie Show : Feb 7th Crewest Gallery Los Angeles


I'm honored to be on the list of heads that are participating in this show. Thanks to Zury for putting me up with Crewest.

Bummed. I'll still be in Hawaii for the opening exhibit of this show.

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Official Press Release:

The Sharpie Show
“An exhibition by artists who utilize marking pens as part of their craft”

Opening Reception with Beats by DJ Phyz Ed and Live Printing by Two Rabbits:
Saturday, February 7th, 2009 from 6pm - 9pm

In the Graffiti subculture, practitioners are known as “writers” because graffiti is about writing your name on as many surfaces as possible. Although many writers elevate their art form to the level of creating huge and beautiful murals, they all began their journey as an artist by first learning to write and perfect their name. The Sharpie marker is often the first tool a writer acquires in his lifelong journey to hone his craft and in becoming an artist.

The Sharpie Show, an exhibition curated by renown graffiti artist Man One, featuring original pieces created using Sharpies by some of the best known graffiti artists in the country (and beyond). Aside from graffiti artists, work by tattoo artists and known illustrators; Lalo Alcaraz and Overton Loyd will be on display. From stylized hand signatures, to throw ups, piecebooks, stickers, and any other possible object that can be marked upon, this exhibit will demonstrate the level of creativity that can be achieved between an artist and his/her most basic tool - The Sharpie.

***Exhibit runs thru March 1st, 2009***

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The Sharpie Show Update:

I was swamped getting work ready for the StayGold show in Hawaii and almost missed the sharpie show altogether. But Luna and Man One were cool enough to let me submit my entry late. It took three days of inking (straight sharpie) to fill in the shapes, but i got it done. ($35 expressmail shipping!!!) arrrrrgh!

But in the end, it was definitely worth all the work and money that I put into it.





The Council of Doom : Jan 31st ThirtynineHotel


The Council of Doom is a fixie crew from CostaMesa, CA. RVCA just put out a vid that's touring the globe. Next Stop. Honolulu.

Bigups to my ate, Ara Laylo, for inviting me to participate. I just finished my triptych for the show last night.

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The Council of Doom: Updated

I was real bummed to find out the ART portion of the Council of Doom party was canceled by the gallery owner...and I was real bummed that I didnt get to talk and chill more with my homegirl, Ara Laylo.





I also created an exclusive coaster set to match the painting. I used the same colours and characters from the painting. (I think I like the coasters more than the painting!)


STAY GOLD : Jan 30th Blue Hawaii Gallery


This a throwback for all the homies that were down since day 1.

The show starts at 900pm - Midnight. I also need to mention that this is a private party (invitation only). The guest list is only 100 deep, so if I haven't already invited you, get at me with the quickness.

Gotta give many mahalos to Kavet the Catalyst ( and Rod of Blue Hawaii for putting it down.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where is SamKeith?


MTV played a big role in my adolescence. When my family left the Philippines for Hawaii, I finally got cable.

In the early 90s I watched a lot of InLivingColor and LiquidTelevision. I was really big on Beavis and Butthead + AeonFlux. I dont remember exactly when MTV Oddities came out, but I remembered the series THE MAXX. Honestly, the dialogue and storylines were a little bit over my head at the time. But the artwork and characters stuck with me. I've recently revisited the series and its "SICK" in every meaning of the word.

From the long panoramic landscapes, to the varying illustration styles, to the delusional dialogue, THE MAXX was way ahead of its time.

But where the F_K is Sam Keith? And where can I get THE MAXX on dvd?!

If you don't know what's up with THE MAXX here's a little taste.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Puka Panty

Found this randomly but it's hilarious. I'm ready to go home.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Upcoming Collabo Sneak : We Go Large

I just sent this off last week as part of a collabo with my homie known as the windward oxen.

Here's the initial sketch.

First layer of color. Going back in for the black outlines.

Tape Boogers.

This is close to the finalized piece. There are some additional details I added before I shipped it. I'm really anxious to see how it turns out.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Crown Killah.

For those that know me well, know I have a royal taste for Crown.

It was only a matter of time before the liquor found a way to seep into my artwork. This is 4x14 sheet of plexiglas (still in progress) depicting a jolly drunkard with bottle in hand.


Should have the finished product by the weekend. Unless the CR gets in the way. Again.

On the rocks, please.


A commissioned piece for LaRicka by the Jerk1.



Dirty Hands Series Continues


Another installation in the Dirty Hands Series from Jerk1. It's still in progress....but here's a sneak.

Danglin' the worm.